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"Top 3 Tips to Avoid Getting Cheated On"

By Teri Lynn Wilkins, Love FrogKisser Coach and Specialist in infidelity, cheating and betrayal. 

"Top 3 Tips to Avoid Being Cheated On

1.        Know your own personal definition of cheating. Opinions on what constitutes cheating may vary.  Does emotional intimacy count as cheating?  Does it only count if it’s physical?  How about sexting?  Porn?  Workplace “friendships?”  Although different definitions can exist, they must not exist between you and someone you are committed to.  Therefore, the question “what do you define as cheating?” is something every couple should have at the very beginning of the relationship.  If you can’t agree, that’s something you definitely need to know!  That’s a ‘deal breaker’ and it’s vital to have the discussion before you commit, not after.

2.       It’s important to recognize the difference between someone genuinely liking you and desiring a committed relationship with you versus someone simply talking to you and spending time with you because they are bored or don’t want to be alone.  The former is a potential mate.  The latter is someone using you to fill time until someone ‘better’ comes along.  Don’t mistake ‘time spent’ with emotional commitment.  Too many of us assume that just because someone is going out with us occasionally or talking to us (even a lot) that this automatically means they are into us.  That’s not necessarily the case.  Know the difference between genuine interest and simply boredom.  Someone who is genuinely interested in you will make this obvious.  Also, if you are the one avoiding being alone……well, we attract who we are in our partners so that is definitely something to look at!         

3.       If you have been betrayed in the past, ensure that you are fully and completely healed.  Carrying around hurt, pain and distrust from a past relationship almost always guarantees the failure of future relationships.  Or worse, more cheating.  Without the ability to fully love, trust and be completely vulnerable with our new partner, we do not have the ability to create the deep levels of intimacy we yearn for.  Heal those buried wounds and you almost certainly ensure that new love can flourish in your life!