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6 Inexpensive Date Ideas

By Coti Howell

Let’s face it, dating can be expensive. Fancy dinners at that foreign restaurant, Italian wine at a local bar, tickets to see popular bands — it all adds up. We’re here to help you make your next date night special without breaking the bank. 

In the words of Jennifer Lopez, “love don’t cost a thing.” So pick up your date this weekend and try out one of these six budget-friendly date ideas.

1. Volunteer

Show your sweetie that you have a heart of gold and get to know them a little better by volunteering together. Call your local food bank, soup kitchen or other charity and get to work. Make the day extra adorable by volunteering to walk pups at your closest animal shelter.

2. Karaoke Night

What’s more fun than grabbing a drink and singing your heart out? Even if you don’t have the best pipes, you can have fun while singing a silly duet with your sweetie. Try "You're the One That I Want" from Grease.

3. Go Bowling

Spend your next date night with a little friendly competition at your local lanes. Check their schedule to find discounted nights or bar specials. Place a little friendly wager to make things extra interesting (loser cooks next). Just don’t forget your socks! 

4. Catch a Sunset

Is there anything more romantic than watching the sun go down? Grab your date and head to a high, desolated point in the city to watch the sun set over the horizon. Bring a picnic or a bottle of wine and stay a while. 

5. Take a Hike

...literally. Break a sweat, enjoy nature and your date as you walk through some local trails. Bring a bottle of water for both you and your beau and you’re sure to get on their good side! 

6. Be a Tourist

Your city may also be your hometown, but take time to explore it with your date. Hit venues reserved for only “tourists” and pretend you’re from out of town. You may get to know a new part of your town!

What's your favorite way to wow a date when you’re on a budget? Try out one of our ideas or use one of your own, but be sure to let us know how things go! Happy dating!