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Best. Date. Ever.

By Coti Howell

We asked and you answered! Many of you have been on amazing dates, but one took the cake! It involves a surprise picnic and a beautiful sunset.

E.V. wrote to tell us about a relatively new relationship she was forming and how the man surprised her with what she calls the "Best Date I've Ever Had..."

"I was seeing a man for only a couple of weeks ... One day he called and asked if I would like to have dinner with him. I said 'Yes' so he asked me to meet him at his house and he said he would drive. I was expecting to go to a restaurant but we ended up at a park near his house. He told me he wanted to walk around the lake for a few minutes and enjoy the sunset. The walk was nice and he held my hand but I was hungry and didn't understand why we stopped at the park. Until we walked up on a picnic area set with candles, a basket and flowers. He ordered my favorite food and had a nice bottle of wine. He told me that he wanted to watch the sunset while we ate and get to know me better. After dinner he took me to a frozen yogurt shop near the park which I loved! It was the sweetest date I had ever been on.  Who knew this tough guy really could be romantic? He listened to me when I told him that dates with me didn't need to be extravagant but thoughtful."

This guy sounds like a keeper! Remember, guys and gals, you don't have to break the bank to enjoy a date night. Get creative and take your date for a picnic, to watch the sunset or just for a bottle of wine in a scenic area. 

Have you been on a sweet date? Give us details in the comments below!